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Long & Short Recipe Site

ROLE: Concept, visual design, UX / UI including research

BRIEF: Use UX methodologies to create a new recipe website

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Long & Short is a recipe website with a difference. Workup produced the concept, UX Design and mid-fidelity prototype for the site. Below is an overview of some of the key stages of this project.


The Long & Short is a recipe site specifically addressing the needs of busy people who love and want to cook. But they have lives. It addresses their busy weekdays with smart ways to search for time-friendly or family-friendly meals and it doesn’t stop there. The site offers just as much inspiration for weekend cook-ups. It has handy features like the member’s dashboard to help with planning and the shopping list. The biggest difference is the way you can include your own family favourites in the mix – and add those ingredients to the shop at the same time- when you plan your week of meals.

User interviews revealed some interesting facts, many of which informed the inclusions on this website. Individual respondents overwhelmingly identified- two ways of cooking in their day-to-day lives. There are the hectic weeknights, where every minute counts and there’s a crowd to please. Then a few days later- there’s the weekend with all the possibilities that time affords, choosing a recipe for a family dinner together or entertaining some guests. Long & Short addresses these two different goals. It provides suggestions that precisely fit the user’s criteria. All recipes are categorised by prep and cook time – allowing the user to sort the chaff from the hay immediately. Then it’s only a matter of choosing based on ingredients, flavours or cuisine.

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