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My goal is to merge UX processes with
high-quality design for excellence in digital campaigns and products. 





I am an end-to-end graphic designer who strives to create attractive and considered design for a broad range of applications.  With over 20 years of experience working in advertising, design and marketing, across traditional and digital platforms, my experience includes senior creative positions in large advertising agencies, a media agency, in-house creative and my own advertising and design business. During my career, I have worked across a wide range of fields, from not-for-profit, fashion, retail, and FMCG with some of the best talents in media, marketing, production and photography in Sydney.

I'm all about the concept to the execution, I love the big and the small jobs, and being part of a great team.

I have worked to stay current and I continue to diversify through self-propelled learning with a Post-Grad Certificate in UX and Web Design underway (completion Aug 2023).

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